Brides to Be of 2016 we are scheduling Design Consultation Appointments beginning December 1st!  Get your inspiration photos together and let's make an appointment to get your dream gown (or suit) happening.
Please Contact Us via the website and let's talk weddings

Meanwhile back in the workroom we're super busy getting ready for the Trans Siberian Orchestra Tour making the women's dresses and vests.  If you're going to the show please tag photos #TSOtime  Here's a little preview of work in progress.

Excuse the mess, but we have a bit of clean up to do with all the black lint and leather scraps etc before we can start unrolling white silk! 

LoveCraft the sequel!

You know how movie sequels are rarely better than the first?  
Well the second LoveCraft is going to be so much better than the first
 with Romance, Drama, Comedy, and a BAR!
Get your Wedding Shopping ON at LoveCraft the Pop Up Shop of LOVE!

When: May 16 & 17 2015
Where: Chifferobe Atelier #8141B at Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, RI
Who: Seams Couture, Suite Tart and Providence Pin Up, Bellaria Design Photography, Chifferobe Events, Julian's, Archetype Vintage, Gracie's and Ellie's Bakery, Retro Stitch, Bridal Finery, Darrien Segal Wildcrafted Jewelry, Ingrid Lavoie Scherenschnitt Paper Art, the Darius Inn of Block Island, and so much more TBA.
Stay tuned at the Facebook page for updates:

Sorry for the Blogger radio silence, it means things have been BUSY since the move!  Somehow in the full swing of Wedding Season we found the time to be part of a major editorial photo shoot thanks to the organization of Photographer Kristin Chalmers.  

 Here's the full set on Kristin's Blog:

The goal was to show something Bridal yet editorial and high fashion, not white traditional and bridey especially since alot of our clients opt for color.  Shoots like this are a chance to get out of the studio and think out of our usual bounds and with Kristin there are pretty much no limits!  
The two gowns I chose were from the mini collection we showed at Styleweek Providence and are each two piece transformers.  The gold is a mini dress in leopard brocade with a removable beige and pale pink tulle skirt.  The silver is a cage peplum corset with a separate tulle skirt in 3 shades of grey.  
I have a current obsession with grey tulle....

We hit the streets with two great new models Tayla and Courtney courtesy of Xavi at Model Club Inc.  The hair was by Providence's Claudia Curl and makeup by the fabulous Brandon Ward of Suite Tart and Providence Pinups.
Jimmy Guzman of JNG Floral Designs made the amazing head pieces the girls are wearing!  We just sent him pictures of the clothes and this is what he arrived with.  Mind boggling fabulosity.  There has to be an adventurous Bride out there who will let Jimmy do his magic for her big day.  Why not?  YOLO afterall!

A special thanks to the guys of Radish for being awesome and turning me into a churro fanatic.  I grew up with Gramma's Mississippi home made donuts, Mami's Puerto Rican plantanos, and Nonna's Italian arancini but nothing like this fried cinnamon thing you dip in chocolate.
Now I have to figure out Where is Radish? around PVD in order to get my churro fix!

Providence area Engaged Couples are going to love Love Craft!   12 Hand Picked Local Artists are going to have their amazing handmade Wedding Wares for sale at Craftland for two days.  Everything you need for your big event right there, and most of us will be taking custom orders and making appointments for other services too.  Several of the Artists have Etsy shops and other online stores, but this is your opportunity to see things in person before you commit.

A very modern take on a Wedding Show!
Saturday March 22nd from 11AM to 6PM.

Sunday March 23rd from 11AM to 5PM.

Craftland 235 Westminster Street in Downtown Providence, RI

Featured artists: 
Seams Couture
Peggy Cole Collection by Mode Merr
Darrien Segal
Heart of Gold by Heather Wells
Figs and Ginger
Rag & Bone Bindery
New Moon Studio
Parrott Design Studio
Albertine Press
Bellaria Designs Photography
Duck & Bunny Snuggery
Ellie’s Bakery

Humble Pie Company

This event is open to the public and free of charge. However, if engaged couples would like to receive a FREE gift bag full of special treats, free samples and discounts from our vendors and many other local businesses, they must register for the event: 

Here's a little background story about how this new Annual event came about:
Catch you on the flip side!
Seams Couture is taking a short hiatus while we get the New Studio and Showroom ready.  
We have a little bit of construction and painting to do in the next few weeks, but will Re-Open for Appointments in the new digs in Providence, Rhode Island early this Spring!
SUMMER 2013 and beyond Wedding Dates can still be secured for our services.  
Just shoot us an email anytime via the website 
Ciao, Harper :)

In the meantime, enjoy this photo from our Spring Photo Shoot at Linden Place in Bristol, RI.  The heirloom magnolia tree in the courtyard is a two story stunner in full bloom!  Photo by Binita Patel, Styling by Gracie Lou Events, Hair and Makeup by Demiche Beaute, Gown and Jacket by Seams Couture, Model Jemesii. 

Rave Reviews!
Seams Couture and your other Wedding Vendors love a good word! 
                                                   (as seen in Style Unveiled photo by Binita Patel Photography)

Wedding Wire, Martha Stewart Weddings, and The Knot show our reviews in order to help Brides navigate the waters of searching for the perfect Professionals to help make their dreams come true.  If you loved working with us then we'd love a Review. 
Click the site link for Wedding Wire
Thank You for being an Awesome Seams Couture Bride :)

Behind the Scenes: Gowns 
Be a Smart Shopper and think before you click.

Don't say we didn't warn ya.  The allure of a price tag and the ease of a click away sure is a powerful thing, however the quality of what you're getting for the price, risks involved, and the undermining of legitimate US businesses far outweighs the bargain.  Think before you click!

SEAMS Couture recently contributed to an article on the subject in The Knot called 'Wedding Dress Horror Stories', so please read!

What is Design Piracy?  A Designer puts out a Wedding Gown Collection once or twice a year.  A copy is a form of design theft, but a grey area as there is usually something different about the copy and it's obvious in the photos which are on different models, etc.  A real copy house like ABS who publicly copies the Royal Wedding Gowns within hours of walking down the aisle, is very open about the source and the original Designer.  Also they explain the difference in cost of materials used!  Use of the original Designer's photos on another site that is not selling THAT gown is Piracy.  When a website shows a photo from a catalog or runway by Legitimate Designer X, clearly a professional model in a professional photo of the real dress but the price is say $200.?  That's your clue.

Unless the website is a real resale website like or you're not getting a bargain on a real gown.  Several Design Pirates are parading on websites like Ebay and Etsy, so ask questions and look around before you take the plunge.  There are legit Designers (like SEAMS Couture!) selling unworn Sample Gowns on Ebay and Etsy too!  Etsy Pirates are getting clever about pretending to be a girl in Seattle who likes to sew etc., Etsy HQ is inept about removing them to protect their real Sellers and their reputation.  Besides which, what if it doesn't arrive?  What if it doesn't fit?  Will they answer the phone and honor a return?  Then what?  Most of us will not alter the .com gowns, so if it doesn't fit you're stuck with it.  Listen to the Brides on the blog boards who are warning you!

Why is this important?  Contrary to the belief of some Bloggers out there, the Entire Wedding Industry is NOT out to rip you off, in fact it's quite the opposite!  The word 'Wedding' does NOT automatically up the price of everything.  A Wedding gown is an entirely different piece of clothing than anything else in your closet: it is made of different materials, constructed differently, takes far more time to make, and also must fit perfectly in order to photograph beautifully.  Buying from these websites is quite literally putting US Designers and Stores out of business.  Then what?  We're real people who are here to help you, can roll with the changes that can arise during the process of planning an event, and really care about your happiness!  It's a Big Picture thing.  Support Made in USA whenever you can!

Like the Council of Fashion Designers of America @CFDA says 'You Can't Fake Fashion'!

Real Seams Brides: A Change of Plans
'life is what happens when you're busy making other plans' -John Lennon

Sometimes weddings don't go as originally planned, things happen and
they're re-scheduled, or sometimes they just don't happen at all.  Sometimes it's ultimately for the best and only time can make us realize that.
Several years ago Kelly's Custom Wedding Dress was on the workroom rack 98.2% finished with minor touches like the zipper and a bit of hand sewing as her Wedding was 3 weeks away...
Then we got the call that the Wedding was off!  Cancelled.  
A Seams first and a total shocker.  
As promised the dress was packed up, bagged and tagged, and put in deep storage for 'someday' and now the someday is a real Wedding Date!
Dress A (working sketch below) as we're going to call the original got some work done to become Dress B.   B for better!
(Not all Brides bring in a full Fashion Mood Board to work from!  
Instead of a full sketch, I just drew in my pattern specs to work from.)

This is the story of a Re-Design.
(hand embroidered lacing holes and Vintage monogram letters inside)

The original blue tulle cupcake crinoline is gone along with the blue sash and accents, and replaced by a new fire engine red tulle crinoline and accents.  
(Dress inside out being hemmed)

The aim was to make it as big as a Square Dancing crini and after each additional layer added after each fitting, Kelly said "Bigger!"  Crinoline Cupcakes are custom made to order and hers has an entire 50 yard bolt of tulle in there, 20 double gathered layers approximately.
The top of the dress was re-designed to become strapless (which meant some new boning and engineering) re-cut with a new pattern, and had to be re-sized as she lost a full 6" in her waistline!  Red silk tailored bow repositioned and a red silk bias edging to the hem were added as well as a lace up back instead of the zip.  I like the hand embroidered lace-up holes since they don't rip the lacings like some metal grommets, and they just look more professional IMHO.
Ready to go!

(photo by Tara McMullen)
For more pictures of Kelly's Wedding Dress see our Pinterest page 
and the Wedding Photographer's BLOG!

Don't you just LOVE a story where everyone lives Happily Ever After?!?
(Anyone want to buy a fabulous unworn Seams Couture blue tulle crinoline?  
It'll make me happy!)
Practical Advice: Work that Train like a Pro!
What's not to Love about Miss J. from America's Next Top Model!
Here's his advice on how to work a gown train from the Bride's Magazine Blog:

At Seams Couture we take each one of our Train-Sporting Brides for a studio walk thru 
to train them a few tricks too, based on a million years of Theatre Training our little advice is simple:
First of all, remember that YOU are now a Wide Load!  Simple tip from truck driving.

  • Don't step backwards!  Or sideways without sliding your foot, otherwise you're stepping on the gown from the inside and you may trip.
  • Getting in and out of a car or down a flight of stairs will require a minute to stop and pick up the back so it doesn't get caught on anything.
  • If you start to walk and realize you're stuck?  Someone is standing on your train!  Stop, Don't Pull!  If you keep walking or pull you will rip your gown.  Turn your head and ask the person to get OFF, Please :)
  • Imagine yourself walking around an imaginary potted plant at all times. In other words walk around yourself in a circle so the train stays flat on the ground and you don't step on it.  

Don't forget to vote!
for Seams Couture as Northshore Magazine's 
BONS Best Bridal Salon Of The North Shore: 
We won BONS last year as you can see!

Bridal: What better way to get the exact wedding dress of your dreams than to get one custom made? SEAMS COUTURE in Wenham starts the dressmaking process from scratch, collaborating with brides on the whole design process to ensure the perfect finished product for their big day. All gowns are made-to-measure, custom fit, and handmade here in Seams’ local workroom. 152R Main St., Wenham, 978-473-3398,

READERS’ CHOICE: Bella Sera Bridal, 85 Andover St., Danvers, 978-774-4077 
Hey Congrats to Bella Sera for winning 2nd place :)

Behind the Scenes: Photo and Video Shoots
We Wedding Vendors love Teaming up for themed Weddings-related style shoots in between working on our real bread and butter.  It's a great way for us to work our creative magic for ourselves, network, and get some really wonderful photos of our work.  Sometimes these shoots get published in major Wedding Blogs and Magazines!  
It usually starts with an Inspiration Board on Pinterest for all of us to see.  This shoot was all about the color YELLOW and Early Spring:  
Binita Patel and her fabulous Team Photographed and Videotaped the entire day at the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA  Our model Kendra wore the 'Dalia' Gown in pearl white silk from our Ready-to-Wear Wrapture Collection and Accessories were made for her and her real life Groom Matt in yellow silk that perfectly matched the Flowers, Table Settings, and Invitations.  More pictures or our style day on Binita's Blog
Makeup Artist Liz Washer and Maricruz of did a gorgeous glamourizing job on Kendra!  
How cute is this: Kendra + Matt are not only married for real, they're the team behind Summer Street Photography :)

Here's the Video shot by Binita Patel Cinematography of our day: 

Kendra's yellow silk bow headband is now for sale in our Etsy Shop
 as well as other colors and Special Order colors, there is always a discount for Bridal Party Orders!  Now until April 15th use code #TAX2012 for an Extra 20% Off Anything in the Seams Etsy Shop!

The Wrapture Collection 'Dalia' Gown is our one shoulder top and pleated skirt combination in pearl white 100% silk Retails for $680. and can be ordered in any color or style combo from us at the Seams Showroom or at Antonio's Bridal in Birmingham, Michigan.